Plans against Rachmanism

BBC: Election 2015: Labour plan to stop 'massive' rent increases

Since my own experiment in renting ended with a 30% rent increase, because the landlord decided he "could make more money from two flats" (as reported in a Parliamentary enquiry) I like this idea. I think the Conservatives have the words investment and speculation muddled in their response. p.s. It seems very quiet on here these days. I wonder if it is the clam before the storm.

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Friday, Apr 24, 2015

How about a genuinely radical housing policy – a free market

Telegraph: How about a genuinely radical housing policy – a free market

The housing market has been distorted for decades by one government after another. From great waves of council house building in the immediate post-war years, to tax relief on mortgage interest payments, to sell-offs of state housing, to keeping property taxes low, and restrictions on building in the most popular areas, fix has been piled upon fix until a functioning market has just about ceased to exist.

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The productivity crisis in the Uk has at its heart the Land Market

FT: Capital and labour are already deregulated, now is the time for land

The FT's Lead Editorial has a swingeing indictment of the problems facing the UK, which has been forgotten in the charade of our election commentary. The fundamental issue to this is the Land (and Housing) market. We need cheaper homes and a free land market to stimulate enterprise and development and as the FT recognises the only way to do this properly is to introduce a Land Value Tax. The UK productivity crisis is the worst in the developed world and is masking the so called 'jobs miracle'.

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Tuesday, Apr 21, 2015

China doesnt look so good

Bloomberg: China Sees First Bond Default by State Firm With Tianwei

China’s corporate debt is the highest in the world, former central bank adviser Yu Yongding wrote in the official China Daily last week. Companies had $14.2 trillion in debt at the end of 2013, exceeding every other country including the U.S

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House of cards ?

BBC: China property developer Kaisa defaults on overseas debt

Kaisa Group has become the first Chinese property developer to default on its overseas debt, which is estimated to be about $2.5bn (£1.7bn).

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Sunday, Apr 19, 2015

Uk to be 60s retro hellholes

Dailymail: 260 tower blocks to be built in london

I think I will call the top.of the market! What a farce and total lack of imagination

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Saturday, Apr 18, 2015

Estate Agents rifling through your drawers

Evening Standard: Sacked estate agent caught on camera

How rife is all this rifling? More than you'd realise. This is what happens when you leave your home unattended during viewings. What would you do if you caught agents on tape rifling through your knickers?

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Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

Closing the loopholes that allow people to avoid privately collected fees for state school places...

Daily Mail: Siblings will no longer be given priority for school places as competition grows because of booming population Read more:

"A spokesman for the council said: 'A lot of people are getting school places then moving miles away, in some cases cashing in on house prices while retaining the school place. Siblings then get priority over children living closer to the school. The consultation was drawn up because parents were getting upset about this.'" What a sad indictment that the de facto private collection of entrance fees for state schools by landlords and house sellers is not challenged. There is more than enough rent in most school areas to be publicly collected and used to fund the school, instead of the poorest working households chipping in for millionaires-only primaries.

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I am seeing this myself, anyone who can fog a mirror can borrow !! No checks needed.

Telegraph: Risky mortgages are back on the rise

Risky mortgages are back on the rise, just months after the Bank of England capped home loans, as bank profit margins are squeezed by a glut of supply and falling housing demand. Figures from the Bank of England published on Wednesday showed that, while mortgages had become less available to borrowers with deposits of 25pc or more, those worth more than 90pc of the property’s value had risen for the first time in nine months. Looks like the markets into sucker territory, that's 6 to 18 months before a flat out price collapse, followed by a banking panic and the rest.

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UK house price growth hits five-month high in March - RICS

Reuters: UK house price growth hits five-month high in March - RICS

British house prices grew at their fastest pace in five months in March, fuelled by a shortage of properties, a survey showed on Thursday, adding to other signs that a cooling of the market may be ending.

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