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Investment Research Dynamics: Bullish news for precious metals and gold, silver get paper-smashed

Bullion naturally rises in U$D terms in the face of QE, money creation and low IRs. In order to protect the $ (and its reserve status) and make big profits for bullion banks like JPM and HSBC the Fed and those banks drive down bullion prices by the use of illegal uncovered shorts in the bullion futures (paper) markets. They then cover those shorts at the lower prices resulting from the selling that comes from triggering stop-loss orders and margin calls. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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Shelter trying to frame a longstanding issue in a new light

Guardian: Landlords enjoy £14bn tax breaks as figures reveal buy-to-let expansion

'“To discriminate against landlords and remove these reliefs, which are offered to other businesses, would cut a swath through their profitability calculations and prompt many to sell up and invest elsewhere. That would mean even higher rents for those forced to chase after a shrinking pool of rented housing,” he warned.' Who does this idiot think the houses would be sold to, if not the wealthiest tenants, whose removal from the pool of people looking for flats to rent would surely push demand down by as much as supply, in quantity terms, and more so in price terms, since wealthy people are prepared to spend more on rent? I'm really sick of this nonsense going unchallenged in the press.

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Expected spike after election

Telegraph: London asking prices jump 17pc after the election

Once this pent-up demand is over, the inevitable decline will continue. Well, you didn't think you were going to have a never-ending boom did you?

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