à cause de Hollande

Bloomberg: Market in France in ‘Meltdown’ After Hollande Rent Caps

Blague à part..."Hollande, who has been trying to revive an economy that has barely grown in two years, is grappling with a record 3.3 million jobless claims and an approval rating that’s at the lowest level ever for any French president".

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When the going gets tough......the regulator caves in

Citywire: Banks to approve in-house advisers under FCA plans

Financial advisers at banks will no longer be approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) but by their employers on an annual basis under the regulator's proposals.................This would include consumer-facing roles including retail investment advisers and mortgage advisers, it said. Comments section say's it all !

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UK Government sold their citizens down the river over housing

Bloomberg.com: Hong Kong Popping Housing Bubbles London Can’t Handle

While such actions may seem contradictory to the cities’ stated free-market principles, “affordable housing is part of the legitimacy of any government, and government has a role to play in intervening in the market in periods where there are extreme circumstances,” said Michael Klibaner, who heads Greater China research at real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. in Hong Kong.

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