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Friday, Apr 29 2016 Add a News Blog Article

Housing lunacy cont....

Business Insider: Britain is crashing into the end of the homeownership era

The average price to buy a house in Britain now stands at £291,504, according to the Office for National Statistics. Meanwhile, the average London property price is at a huge £551,000

Posted by tom101 @ 02:39 PM 6 Comments

New figures show house price rises are slowing in London, and rising faster in surrounding regions

Rightmove Houseprice Index: UK house prices:the East and South-East regions are both growing faster than London for the first time this year

Greenwich 21% - Hounslow 15.7% - East of England 10.8% - Enfield 10.6% - South East England 9.4%.

Posted by libertas @ 10:13 PM 1 Comments

NIRP is the new normal

Telegraph: Interest rates could go negative, says Bank of England rate setter

They could go "a little bit negative” he said. And then, once the camel's snout is under the tent, well, you know what happens next. And they said they had no room for monetary policy with the next downturn?!

Posted by libertas @ 09:38 PM 11 Comments

Keeping an eye on the Blairs

Mirror: How Tony Blair's family have built a buy-to-let property empire in Manchester

In one city they have twenty eight one bedroomed flats in Stockport, Whalley Range & Urmston grouped in five sites. Simple rule of thumb appears to be 1 bed less than 100k with receiverships/repossessions being a bulk buying favourite.

Posted by enuii @ 04:23 PM 0 Comments

Value or ponzi?

Zero hedge: Sold For $68 Million

Anyone that believes that the London market is down to short supply and immigration and will go on forever on an upward trajectory should read what is happening in Vancouver. Bubbles are fine if you can get in and out on the way up. If the Chinese are doing this in Vancouver, what have they done to stoke the London market and what is going to be the impact when this reverses?

Posted by britishblue @ 01:18 PM 2 Comments

Debt trap

Telegraph: First-time buyers need £90,000 salary to pay off Help to Buy loan in five years

The Help to Buy loan helps first-time buyers afford property - but they should be aware of the interest payments...

Posted by tom101 @ 11:06 AM 0 Comments

Property prices up, economy down

Washington Post: We can't save the economy unless we fix out debt addiction

What links high house prices to a sluggish economy and wealth polarisation? Debt, financialisation, austerity and banker-friendly governments.

Posted by icarus @ 09:10 PM 2 Comments

Competition is never a good idea if you want to make money

Telegraph: Fines or prison for conspiring estate agents deliberately cutting off business for Rightmove or Zoopla

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has warned estate agents against colluding to join the On The Market property portal, deliberately cutting off business from either Rightmove or Zoopla. Things must be getting bad. I guess everyone is sitting tight until Independence day.

Posted by tom101 @ 02:16 PM 0 Comments

I wonder if there is any scope under UK law for similar actions?

New York Times: In Cramped and Costly Bay Area, Cries to Build, Baby, Build

"So Ms. Trauss is taking her campaign to the courts. In December she sued the city of Lafayette, Calif., an East Bay bedroom community, after it took a parcel that had been set aside for higher-density apartments and office buildings and rezoned it for single-family homes instead." I'd say that Competition and Markets Authority would have a very strong case against anyone involved in restricting the supply of housing - you simply don't get such a ridiculous spread between cost of production and prices unless there are serious impediments to competition. Maybe councils that fail to produce enough housing under their Regional Development Plans or whatever they are now could be taken to court?

Posted by mombers @ 01:14 PM 0 Comments

Poor rich people

Independent: House Prices: London’s super-rich are now renting to avoid stamp duty and taxes

London’s super-rich are increasingly turning to renting in order to avoid paying stamp duty on expensive purchases, a new report shows. Henry Pryor, a buying agent, told the Financial Times that the Panama Papers has highlighted that ‘no one can buy quietly’ anymore.

Posted by tom101 @ 12:37 PM 3 Comments

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House Price Statistics - UK National

Source website Period covered Average
house price
Monthly change
Annual change
Archive /Graph Peak average
house price
Change since
peak (%)
Official releases
Communities and Local Government House Price Index Jan 16 £292,000 N/A 7.90 TickThis monthN/A22/03/2016
LSL Property Services/Acadametrics Feb 16 £289,229 0.80 6.20 Cross£292,077
(Dec 15)
0.9810/03/2016 (PDF)
Halifax House Price Index Feb 16 £209,495 1.40 9.70 TickThis monthN/A03/03/2016 (PDF) (England and Wales) Mar 16 N/A 0.90 7.90 Cross N/A N/A 11/03/2016 (PDF)
Hometrack - Monthly National Survey Jan 16 N/A 0.50 7.80 Cross N/A N/A 26/02/2016
Land Registry Monthly Report Feb 16 £190,275 0.20 6.10 Tick£191,812
(Jan 16)
0.8030/03/2016 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price Index Feb 16 £196,930 0.30 4.80 TickThis monthN/A01/03/2016 (PDF)
Rightmove House Price Index Mar 16 £303,190 1.30 7.60 TickThis monthN/A21/03/2016 (PDF)

House Price Statistics - Greater London

Source website Period covered Average
house price
change (%)
change (%)
Annual change
Archive /Graph Peak average
house price
Change since
peak (%)
Official releases
Communities and Local Government House Price Index Jan 16 £551,000 N/A N/A 10.80 TickThis monthN/A22/03/2016
Halifax House Price Index Q4 15 £416,163 N/A N/A 16.40 CrossThis quarterN/A01/01/2016 (PDF)
Land Registry Monthly Report Feb 16 £530,368 0.60 N/A 13.50 Tick£530,409
(Jan 16)
0.0130/03/2016 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price Index Q4 15 £456,229 N/A 0.00 12.20 CrossThis quarterN/A01/01/2016 (PDF)
Rightmove House Price Index Mar 16 £644,045 0.00 N/A 11.00 TickThis monthN/A21/03/2016 (PDF)

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Source website Analyst Photo Date prediction made Amount predicted Region Time Period Evidence Notes
National Housing FederationDavid OrrPhoto of David OrrDec 2013 35%UK2013-2020Tick
House prices will increase by another 35% by 2020, leaving a huge swathe of the population locked out of home ownership for life.

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